Behind the porthole

A show about dreams, the ones we had as children, the ones we lost, those we chase, those we rediscover … because the world can be colourful if we face it the right way.

with Marta Riservato and Roberto Pagura
director Fabiano Fantini
music selection Annalisa Chivilò
original screenplay

New in 2016

Niki, is growing up too quickly, she’s always running about, she never has enough time and the world seems grey to her. On a day like any other, in a laundromat, a chance encounter takes her to another world. She takes a trip down memory lane, meets unlikely characters and gradually finds her lost dreams.   This is how she comes about to discover that hiding behind a normal coin-operated washing machine is a mysterious and fascinating place which can open up and reveal the mechanisms of the imagination.

The screenplay, which was written by four people, expresses the desire to talk about the fulfilment of one’s own dreams. How? Well the authors suggest this can be done by commitment, courage and a touch of madness. By always staying somewhat of a kid and by finding ways to avoid being confined on account of being too rational, of the lack of time and of the inability to let go of one’s own emotions but also by learning to see everyday life through different eyes and finding beauty in what one does.

technique: actors, props
length: 50 min
recommended age: 7 – 11 years old