Inspired by the works of the artist Niki de Saint Phalle

From an idea of Roberto Pagura
with the collaboration of Annalisa Chivilò
with Marta Riservato and Roberto Pagura
choreography by Wanda Moretti

Two actors tell a story through images …… using an elastic screen as an expressive object. Pulling, pushing, crushing their body parts against it, and shaping a tarp that takes whimsical shapes. This leads to a wonderful show which is colourful, musical and poetic. The audience is also encouraged to “paint” the tarp resulting in a simply amazing and entertaining show.

Formelastica comes into contact with the urban environment in which it is placed and amazes by its intense burst of colour. The dynamic performance, made up of rhythm and plastic images, leaves room for interpretation. The game stimulates creativity and the use of the body. The audience becomes the protagonist of a dynamic interaction with the tarp, through a physical and visual journey, accompanied by sounds that stick to the action and are guided by it.

Formelastica has participated at the: Sarnico Festival Internazionale di arti di strada 2015, Mercurdo mercato dell’Assurdo 2015, Festival Internazionale Mirabilia 2014, inaugurazione del Palazzo Pretorio in Prato 2014, Festival Internazionale Folkest 2014, Festival Internazionale di Majano 2014, Festival Alchimie di San Leo 2013, Festival Internazionale Burattini Senza Confini 2013.