Hands off Grandpa Tommaso

Inspired by “Grandpa Tommaso” written and illustrated by Stepán Zavrel and Bohem Press Italia

With Roberto Pagura and Marta Riservato
director Fabiano Fantini

screenplay Roberto Pagura
music selection Annalisa Chivilò

Time flew by in Grandpa Tommaso’s company, even during gray rainy days. The garden sparrows became tropical birds, the aquarium fish a fantastic dragon and the bathtub a ship crossing stormy seas. Time passed happily, stories filled the hours and afternoons. Until one day when grandpa snatchers arrived in town and little by little all grandpas were vanishing. The children vowed to free the grandpas so they elaborated a secret plan to bring them back home.

POETRY, COMEDY, ADVENTURE … and a story, which between the lines, tells us of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Two actors/narrators reveal this story in a succession of poetic and funny moments, with the help of objects, lights, puppets and the viewing on the big screen of the original images of Stepán Zavrel.

The story gives us food for thought about the family, where grandpa plays a very important role, regarding society and political powers, with references to the power of propaganda.

Stepán Zavrel born in Prague in 1932, a great twentieth century artist left a deep mark not only in Central Europe, but also in Italy, in Friuli, Veneto and particularly in Sarmede, where in 1983 he started the International Exhibition of illustrations for children.

Hands off Grandpa Tommaso has participated at the: Festival Nazionale del Teatro per ragazzi Padova 2015, Festival La Città dei Ragazzi Rome 2015, Giffoni Film Festival 2015, SummerCream 2015, PiccoliPalchi ERT FVG 2015, Domeniche a Theatre ARTEVEN 2015 Mestre, Festival La Città dei ragazzi 2014 Vimercate, Musae Percorsi Culturali in Provincia 2014, Domeniche a Teatro Cintocaomaggiore 2014, Piccoli in Chiostro Chioggia 2014, i teatri delle fiabe 2014, Insegui la tua storia 2014, teatro e Musica in Cortile 2014, Domeniche a Teatro Sarmede 2013 …

3rd place – vote of the public at the 34th Festival Nazionale del Teatro per I ragazzi di Padova 2015

technique: actors, shapes and images
length: 50 min
recommended age: 6 – 10 years old