Sheep on a bike

Show with actors, large shapes and interaction with the audience.

By and with Roberto Pagura
Shapes by Annalisa Chivilò and Roberto Pagura

One day Pico Sheep finds a bike and decides to try to ride it. So this is how his adventures begin, which unravel among his clumsy attempts to stay on the bike creating conflicts with the flock who disapproves of his choices and drives him away. Between rides on the moor, bleating, wolves .. Pico makes an unexpected discovery.

This simple story, but rich in content, leads us to reflect on the importance of believing in ourselves and of following our own path. It introduces themes such as the fear of differences, the unknown and friendship. The story of Pico and his bicycle trip is told through the use of large moveable silhouettes interacting with the actor on stage. The result is a poetic and exciting show which makes you think and smile.

technique: actors and shapes
length: 45 min
recommended age: 3 – 7 years old