The Ice Queen

New in 2016

by Roberto Pagura
with Roberto Pagura and Marta Riservato

Storytelling show which takes place in a large inflatable structure shaped like an Ice Castle.

The audience is accompanied, in small groups, inside the castle, where the actor illustrates the story of the Ice Queen with the help of objects, lights and sounds. The show is inspired by “The Snow Queen” by Andersen and tells the story of two friends, Gerda and Kay. Kay, stabbed to the heart by a shard of a magical mirror, is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. Gerda will make a long journey in the icy winter to find him, defending herself from the attack of giant snowflake warriors which look like bears and snakes ..

The story is accompanied by live sound effects.

There is a great visual impact due to the shape, size and coloured lights of the structure.

Groups of about 18 people are accepted simultaneously (children and adults) and the show lasts 20 minutes.
Maximum length: 3 hours
Size structure: 5 meters wide x 8 in height at the highest point

To find out how the show was created click here : VIDEO

Stages of creation:


The show: