Let us start with our name: why Molino Rosenkranz?

Molino (Italian for windmill) because it combines and refines good ideas and experiences from different origins which give out emotions.  Rosenkranz for a variety of reasons, each one bringing out its contribution: it has a beautiful sound with character and onomatopoeia which recalls the sound of  gears  and grinders; it is a common surname in Germany and France and connects us to the famous Tom Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,” based on the homonym opera where the two characters are part of the tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare; Rosenkranz means rosary or rose crown and in Slovenia and Friuli young girls make rose crowns to give to their beloved.

The Cultural Association was founded in 1991 and on December 8 of that year, from the very first “Circo Cocò” show in the Casa Anziani (Senior Home) of Moggio Udinese, the name of the Company came into being, created by combining (precisely, refining) different experiences and skills, also gained in the social world, in order to make good use of skills, vocations, passions, professionalism and talents in activities such as animation, performance, workshops, readings.

The activity and spirit of Molino Rosenkranz draw from the source of “craftsmanship”. This term is used in the most genuine and respectful way and transformed into creative and manual skills by creating stories and shows with their own personality and handmade, customized scenery, such as tailored clothes.

Since the early years, the company has been aiming to dare and grow thanks to courses, training sessions and collaborations with actors, playwrights, directors and teachers of national and international prestige.

Molino Rosenkranz deals with theatre for adults and teenagers. It brings out the experience of various professionals, actors, musicians, stage designers, performers, educators, organizers, ensuring a continuous flow of ideas and creativity.

Molino Rosenkranz is also a “place” where anyone who wishes to give life to his own artistic project are welcomed and sustained. This open-mindedness promotes the growth of the group.  Everyone’s attitudes are valued and diversified productions are the result of this interweaving.

In 1992, a 10 year collaboration was created with ASS 6 in the theatre company, The Wise Cat (Gatto Sapiente), formed by people with disabilities, leading to the performances of “Crossed Flights” (Fughe Incrociate), “MotuIti” and “The Tree” (L’Albero).

Molino Rosenkranz manages meaningful and creative workshops. It is active in the arts and street animations particularly at specific national levels. It makes use of scenic, giant and inflatable elements (self-created) and utilized them in collaboration with RAI. Molino has collaborated with Rai 1 in “Big” and “Tickle” (Solletico) programs to finally get involved, with their great and fantastic flying structures, in the closing episode of Giochi Senza Frontiere in 1998.

The Company’s Key Experiences have been the actor and shadows theatrical performance “The Infant’s Birthday” (Il compleano dell’Infanta) taken from Oscar Wilde’s poem, prized “for the quality of direction” by Roberto Pagura at the International Animated Figures Festival of Perugia in 1995 and, in December 1997, the co-production with Muggia Spettacolo Ragazzi of “La Medicina Terribile”, performance for actor and giant inflatable figures inspired by “La Magica Medicina” by R. Dahl.

The production of shows with giant inflatable elements flying or carried within enormous inflatable sculptures welcoming actors and audiences is a signature trait of Molino Rosenkranz, which has been awarded recognition throughout the country. The Society’s poetry leads to creating events where the force of the image and the delicacy of stage action combine in a constant dialogue with the surrounding environment, bringing the audience to be protagonist and fully involved. The search for comparing between art and theatre has always been encouraged and has recently led to the production of “Hands off Grandpa Tommaso” (Giù le mani da Nonno Tommaso) and “Formalistic” shows.

Over the last three years, the Company has produced several shows, including:

for adults:

“Argia” – a story of a brave ninety-nine year old friuliana, inserted in the Ert 2014/15 seasons;

“The Night of the Fantastic Creatures” (La note delle creature fantastiche) – for the romantic night of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which was made in Poffabro in June 2016 with twenty figures on stage among actors, dancers, walkers, musicians and extras;

“When the Earth danced” (Quando la terra danzo) – Scenic reading on the earthquake in Friuli;

“On the Naked Skin” (Sulla Nuda Pelle) – Theatre Festival on the places of the Great War (3rd Place Region tender F.V.G. 2016/17);

for kids:

“Hands off grandpa Tommaso” (Giù le mani da nonno Tommaso) – a show inspired by Stepàn Zavrel’s illustrated fairy tale and 3rd place winner at the Festival nazionale del Teatro per ragazzi 2015; also presented at the Gifuni Film Festival in 2016;

“Formelastica” – Inspired by the works of the artist Niki De Saint Phalle and directed by Wanda Moretti, two actors tell a story about images … using an elastic screen as an expressive object – inserted in the ERT 2016/17 season;

“Behind the porthole” (Oblò) – a journey into memories to find dreams and values ​​otherwise lost – which debuted in 2016 with the direction of Fabiano Fantini;

“The Queen of the Ice” (La Regina dei Ghiacci), which debuted in October 2016 in Abano Terme;

“Spatacchio” – flying murals and animations.

Over the years, Molino Rosenkranz has organized, through municipal, provincial, regional and European funding, the following events:

“Theatre and Music in the Courtyard” (Teatro e Musica in Cortile) (2008 – 2016)

“Festival Performances” (Rassegna di spettacoli) for Musae percorsi culturali in Provincia (2009 – 2015)

“Hunger for Good Things” (“Fame di Cose Buone) (2014/15)

“Meet Me Art” International Exchange (2015)

“Queue at the Theatre” (Fila a Teatro) (2015/16 and 2016/17)

Roberto Pagura is the founder and artistic director of Molino Rosenkranz.  After attending the Paolo Grassi Academy of Milan with thesis about the use and teaching of puppetry instruments, he worked for a few years with Vimercate Cooperative Tangram (Mi), strengthening and expanding his experience.

Ideas, inspiration, scenery and props are developed through his volcanic creativity, boosted by ingenuity and craftiness. He is an actor and director in several productions of the Company.

Annalisa Chivilò, after a research period at the University of Berkeley in the United States, graduated in Art, Music and Entertainment at the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Bologna. She oversees all organizational aspects of the Company and deals with the management of exhibitions, festivals and tender notices. She manages the web site, videos and promotional material that accompany the various productions.

Marta Riservato came into contact with the theatre at the age of 10 years old thanks to a laboratory led by Roberto Pagura. After completion of the Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe in Udine in 2010 she was a student actress at the Venetian Academy of Theatre. Since 2010, she has been working closely with the Molino Rosenkranz Association and has also been involved in the organization of exhibitions and festivals.

In 2014 she was the interpreter of the first performance of “Argia” which she wrote and conceived and which was directed by Roberto Pagura with whom she performed “Behind the Porthole” (Dietro l’oblò) directed by Fabiano Fantini. She is both the actress and author of “The War on the shoulders” (La Guerra sulle spalle), along with Massimiliano Donato, who is the director.

The Company collaborates with Maria Luisa Rosso who is in charge of promoting the activities and deals with the press office and carries out the promotion.